Time to Get Work!

Greetings Fellow Republicans,

As we celebrate the holidays with family and friends, please rest up and get ready for the big year ahead.


It’s official! The mistake that will forever be remembered as 2021 is OVER! The MSM. the left, the anti-America movement, and the 90-year Democratic Party establishment have sewn their seeds and the attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic has slammed into the proverbial WALL!

The biggest hope they have left is destroying our election system with the efforts they have telegraphed in HR 1, the “For the Corrupt Politicians Act.” Thanks to their inability to force Joe Manchin to side with them in the passing of the most corrupt piece of election legislation ever written , they are being held at bay for now. This piece of legislation features: Federal (D.C.) control of elections in violation of State Rights found in our Constitution, elimination of voter ID on mail ballots AND in person voting, prohibition against allowing sharing of voter registration lists between precincts and States , NO purging of voter rolls of inactive and dead voters, automatic registration of all residents in a precinct without any consent from those registered to vote, making college campuses voter registration centers, no prosecution or penalties for incorrectly registering ineligible voters, and forced proliferation of mail in voting. This would destroy the integrity of the U.S. election system to an extent never before undertaken. (Source: Beyond Biden by Newt Gingrich)

The real question is how we got to a point where the first piece of legislation submitted under the 117th Congressional session was written to federalize our elections in a way that would create such chaos while turning off the 81% of Americans who believe voter ID should be a requirement to be able to cast a vote! (McLaughlin and Associates Survey 5/18/2021). My life experiences have taught me that almost without exception, our politicians are corrupt and view themselves as above the laws the rest of us take for granted!

What’s next? How do we prevent a repeat of the 2020 general election debacle, the least trusted outcome ever in the history of the U.S. election system? Ideally, we get like-minded conservative and moral candidates to run and win elections beginning NOW! Five local races in particular are being held in Jasper County in 2022 that are occupied by Democrats. We need people to step up, campaign hard, and spread the message that is the Republican foundation. What is that message?

Laws are made to be enforced, not broken,

Easy to vote, Hard to Cheat,

America is NOT a safe haven for illegal entry,

We are the party that abolished slavery,

We are the party that believes in the content of one’s character,

We are the party that believes that able bodied individuals have a right to earn a living,

We are the party that passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act,

We are the party that identifies as Americans first!

We are the party that proclaims our rights come from God, not from government!

The time is now! Candidates must declare their candidacy before the end of March 2022. Whom amongst you has the right stuff? The SCJCRP membership is here to volunteer support with our time, our presence, and our gifts.


Karen Wyld, Chairwoman
Tim Wyld, Exec. Committeeman

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