September Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Republicans,

I pray that everyone is safe, has “weathered the storm”, and is enjoying a beautiful Labor Day weekend. The 2024 election cycle is ramping up. There are monthly meetings planned from now through next spring. Other events will be added along the way.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

September 12th – Xiaodan Li
, BCRP Executive Committeewoman and author of the SC Election Integrity Bill, will discuss her analysis of the 2022 election and what we can do to win in 2024.  First Baptist Church of H’ville (FBCH), doors open at 6:00pm, meeting at 6:30. Refreshments served.

October 10th – Attorney General Alan Wilson will give us an update on legal issues affecting So. Carolina. This will be our chance to discuss our Resolution of Nullification which we approved in July. (Other counties are signing onto our resolution, and it is being considered by the SCGOP Resolutions Committee.) Meeting will be held at the Eats & Sweets Cafe (E&SC) in Ridgeland, doors open at 6:00pm, meeting at 6:30. Desserts and refreshments served.

November 14th – Marty Sauls, Jasper County Council Chairman, will give us an update on county business and answer our questions. FBCH, 6:00pm/6:30.

December 12th – Howard Knapp, Executive Director of the State Election Commission and Jeanine Bostick, Executive Director of the Jasper County Board of Elections, will be here to discuss any and all election issues. Especially if you want to run for any office or you want to work the polls, this is the meeting for you! (More on this below.)  E&SC, Ridgeland, 6:00pm/6:30.

March 12th, 2024 – Superintendent of Education Ellen Weaver will discuss the state of education in So. Carolina, how our new education laws are being followed, and the importance of our school board. This is the meeting for anyone considering stepping up and serving our community on the Jasper Cty School Board. (Odd numbered districts are up for election in ’24.)

2024 will be an historic election cycle. I can’t even imagine the nightmare our country will face if we do not prevail. The rule of law, equal justice, our constitutional freedoms, prosperity, and our way of life will be gone. Once it’s gone, it may never come back – not without a fight.

We will need everyone to get involved now so we won’t have to fight later. Here’s what you can do:
* Be a poll worker.  Good people working in every precinct for every election date (Presidential Primary-February, State Primary-June, General Election-November) will help ensure fairness and accuracy. (Attend our December meeting-see above)
* Help us find and vet candidates. We need strong, conservative candidates to fill seats in town, county, and state government. You can help us identify them.
* Run for office.  If you have integrity, some knowledge, common sense, and the desire to make a difference in our community and state, we want to help you. 
* Volunteer at future events. We will be holding events, voter registration drives, and hosting presidential candidates in the coming months. There will be lots to do, but we can’t do it alone.
* Talk to your neighbors. Help us identify people who think like we do, people who have never paid attention until now, and people who can no longer support the other side. We want to reach out and engage everyone possible to get out the vote to save our country.

JCRP membership will be changing to the calendar year beginning in January ’24. We encourage everyone to renew their membership and support the party as we work to promote conservative Republican candidates and principles at every level of government.

JCRP Membership:
Single $30 Family $40
Sun City Republican Club / JCRP Dual Membership:
Single $38 Family $53

“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” (Plato) When asked what sort of government the delegates had created, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

It has become apparent, has it not, that we are being governed by some incredible inferiors in Washington, DC. They are defying our Constitution and usurping power for themselves, and they have no intention of giving it up. It’s time for every citizen to wake up and participate in our constitutional republic before it is completely destroyed.

See you all on Tuesday, September 12th at the First Baptist Church in Hardeeville.

Karen Wyld

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